Briefly in English

Welcome to Karijoki, an extremely safe municipality!

Karijoki (in Swedish Bötom) is located in southern Ostrobothnia in the valleys of the Karijoki, Teuva and Lapväärtti rivers. Along with grainy arable areas, the municipality has extensive forests and swamplands.

As a rural municipality in Ostrobothnia, Karijoki is known for its strong business density. Karijoki offers its inhabitants space and proximity to nature as well as an uncomplicated environment for versatile work opportunities and business activities.

Karijoki is also a very safe place to live and therefore an excellent choice for families who are looking for a healthy and good growing environment for their children.

In addition, Karijoki has many different leisure opportunities, such as exercise and sports facilities.

The municipality’s location near the sea and beautiful nature also offers the opportunity for versatile outdoor activities and relaxation.

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